Get Started

Wiki.js can be installed on virtually any platform that supports Node.js or containers. Let's get started!


Before you start, make sure your server host and database meet the requirements.


Using containers is the preferred way to run Wiki.js. It allows for easier upgrades and includes all the necessary dependencies.

For beginners, we have a step-by-step guide to install Wiki.js on fresh Ubuntu machine. The DigitalOcean prebuilt droplet image is also a great way to quickly get started.

Select your platform to continue:

Upgrading from Wiki.js 3.x?

Upgrade instructions are available inside each of the platforms above.

Upgrading from Wiki.js 2.x?

It is not possible to upgrade from Wiki.js 2.x yet. In-place upgrade from Wiki.js 2.x is coming at a later date (for PostgreSQL installations only). Because the development of 3.x is still undergoing major structural changes on the database side, an upgrade path will only be added once things have stabilized.

It will also be possible to load a backup made via the Wiki.js 2.x export feature in the future (including non-PostgreSQL installations).

Upgrading from Wiki.js 1.x?

A direct upgrade path from 1.x is not supported. Upgrade to Wiki.js 2.x first, then to Wiki.js 3.x.