Mail Configuration

From the Administration Area, click on the Mail link from the sidebar navigation.

You must configure the access to a mail server in order to receive emails from Wiki.js. This is required to send important emails like password resets, welcome emails, notifications, etc.


Sender NameName of the sender for all outgoing emails.
Sender EmailEmail address of the sender for all outgoing emails.

SMTP Settings

HostHostname or IP address of the SMTP mail server.
PortPort of the SMTP mail server. Usually 465, 587 or 25.
Client Identifying NameAn optional name to send to the SMTP server to identify your mailer. Leave empty to use server hostname. For Google Workspace customers, this should be your main domain name.
Secure (TLS)Should be enabled when using port 465, otherwise turned off (587 or 25).
Verify SSL CertificateSome hosts requires SSL certificate checking to be disabled. Leave enabled for proper security.
UsernameUsername used for authenticating to the SMTP server.
PasswordPassword used for authenticating to the SMTP server.


DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) provides a layer of security on all emails sent from Wiki.js by providing the means for recipients to validate the domain name and ensure the message authenticity. Note that not all mail providers offer support for this feature.

To enable DKIM, enable the toggle for Use DKIM. Additional configuration options will appear below.

Domain NameDomain name used for DKIM validation.
Key SelectorDetermines which key to use for DKIM in your DNS records.‍
Private Key‍Private key for the selector in PEM format.

Mail Templates

Coming soon...

Send a Test Email

Make sure to apply any changes to the mail configuration before attempting to send a test email!

Enter the recipient email address and click Send Email. A test email will be sent to the provided email address using the mail server settings you entered.