Wiki.js 3.0 - September 2022 Update
Feature Previews
Feature Previews
September 9, 2022

Wiki.js 3.0 - September 2022 Update

The login page has been redesigned with a more modern look. The registration step is now integrated into the login flow and no longer jumps to another page.

The new login page also now supports both light and dark theme, as well as matching the theme colors you selected for form controls (default blue in the examples below). The background image (which you can of course customize) is no longer partially hidden by the login panel and now fills the entire right section of the screen.

Login Page - Light Mode
Login Page - Dark Mode

Admin Terminal

When something goes wrong, the logs are the best place to diagnose the issue. For most users, this wasn't immediately obvious as to how to access them. Wiki.js 3.0 introduces a new Terminal page in the Administration Area, which streams the logs to your browser in real-time.

Terminal Page - Administration Area

Error Pages

The error pages have also been redesigned with a more modern and lightweight look.

Error Page