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Deploy anywhere, on any platform

All-in-one platform

Wiki.js includes everything you need to write documentation, whether it's for developers, corporate users or individuals.

Search Results

Powerful Search

Quickly find anything with the powerful built-in search engine. Further drill down in the results using the many available filters.

Authentication Methods

Flexible Authentication

Login using the built-in email / password provider, social providers such as Google, GitHub and Discord, or enterprise options like Azure AD, LDAP and SAML. Optionally add MFA for even greater security.



Use Wiki.js in your language and optionally write content in multiple languages. Over 45 languages are supported.

Group Rules


Make your wiki fully private, fully public or open only specific sections to the public, with the powerful access controls, you decide.

Sync your content, reliably.

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Bi-directional Sync

Sync content bi-directionally to GitHub (or any git-compatible service). Commits and pull requests will be reflected on Wiki.js automatically.

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Backup your wiki to blob storage solutions like AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces and Azure Blob Storage, or to local disk / network shares.

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Publish your wiki as a static website and serve it on a CDN service like GitHub Pages, Netfliy and Cloudflare Pages. Coming in 3.1.

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Remote Assets Delivery

Store assets on a remote storage service (like AWS S3) and automatically generate signed links for direct access by users.

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Asset Streaming

Store assets on an external service and stream them through Wiki.js without exposing the external service.

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Per-Site Storage

Configure different storage targets and asset delivery strategies per site.

Navigation Menu Modes

Powerful navigation tools

Build extensive navigation with nested menus, based on path and groups.

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Page history

Keep track of changes with Versioning & Workflows.

The history of all page edits is saved so that you can quickly see what changed between edits and go back if necessary.


Compare any two versions of a page, easily go back to a previous version or branch off from a version.

Commit Messages

Optionally request a reason for change when editing a page and use it as the commit message for storage sync.


Allow users to submit new pages / edits to existing pages to be reviewed and approved by authorized users. Coming in 3.1.

Git History Mirroring

Connect a Git repository and import the existing history and keep it in sync going forward. Coming in 3.1.


Create as many wiki (sites) as you need in the same installation, each with their own content, theme and configuration.

Dedicated Hostnames

Dedicated Hostnames

Set a domain or sub-domain to each of your sites, or use a wildcard catch-all site.

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Shared Users

User accounts are global to your Wiki.js installation. Set different authentication methods and permissions for each site.

Theme Customization


Personalize each wiki with dedicated theme, editors, locales, login and storage configurations.

Sponsors & Backers

This open source project is made possible thanks to our generous sponsors and backers.

Deploy Wiki.js and start documenting!

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